Dec 2, 2011

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Dubstep in a Northface ad!?

So I was watching TV yesterday when suddenly…


Playing in the background of a ski jump…At the end, “North Face” popped up in big bold letters. I was shocked! The company that made my backpack is now using filthy dubstep in their commercials…

After viewing the commercial I googled “North Face commercial dubstep” and found out that the track was a Bassnectar & Seth Drake collaboration titled “Above & Beyond” (yes like that trance trio).

Below is the video and streamable/downloable track. I recommend throwing it in your snowboard mixes.

Bassnectar & Seth Drake Above & Beyond

  • Guest

    Beautiful. Amazing. Coolest shit ever.

  • Lucaszecker89

    all of a sudden dubstep is being played in commercials like this one of course but also the gopro hero one and beats headphones ones too

  • Blowme

    where the hell is there a snowboard in this commercial you idiot!

    • Daleathan

      It’s in your butt! : )

  • Daleathan

    fuckin yay!